MVV rejected? What now?




You can file an objection against a rejection with the IND. You must file the objection within four weeks. If you fail to do so on time, no further action can be taken against the rejection.


In most cases, the IND must decide on the objection within 19 weeks. This decision period can be extended by six weeks. The decision period starts on the day after the last day upon which an objection can be filed.



If you file an objection, it is possible that the IND will declare your notice of objection to be unfounded. This means that your notice of objection has been rejected. The IND will provide you with a decision on the objection. If you do not agree, you can appeal to the Dutch District Court. You will have to pay registry fees.


Within several months, the court will hold a hearing on the appeal. The sponsor will have the opportunity to further clarify the notice of appeal during the hearing. After the hearing, the court will, in principle, give judgment within six weeks. No appeal is possible against this decision.