Our office stands for affordable legal aid by specialists to individuals, companies and institutions.

Before we start working on your case, we will estimate your chances and associated costs. This way, you will know what to expect. We assist individuals that qualify for state-financed legal aid on that basis. In the case of a higher income, we offer our aid at reasonable rates.


Hourly rates

Our hourly rates are between 160.00 and 225.00 euros per hour (ex VAT). We do not charge office expenses. At the onset of the case, we will try to provide as much insight as possible into the costs that will be incurred. In order to offer you insight into our activities, we will provide a time sheet.


Fixed prices

Advice on some matters may be offered at a fixed price. Please contact us to learn more.


Subsidised legal aid

Individuals can request a subsidy from the government for legal aid. This is called subsidised legal aid. Depending on your income, you will also need to contribute. For more information, please refer to the website of the Legal Aid Board.



We will inform you beforehand if we incur any costs that will be at your expense. These could be registry fees, certified extracts or calling in experts.