Visa rejected; what now?




If your visa application was rejected, you can file an objection with the Visa service of the IND.


PLEASE NOTE: you cannot file an objection in the Netherlands if the visa was refused by another European embassy on behalf of the Netherlands. You will need to take legal action in the country that handled the visa application on behalf of the Netherlands.


The IND must decide on your objection within 12 weeks. This period starts on the last day on which an objection can be filed.


It is vital that all relevant arguments and necessary documents are submitted in the objection. Experience has shown that this ensures the highest probability of the objection’s eventual success.



In the event that the IND judges your objection to be unfounded, you can lodge an appeal with the court (administrative law sector, Aliens Division) within four weeks of the notice. In this case, you will need to pay a fee in the form of registry fees.


You are not required to have a lawyer, but it is desirable. New arguments that were not previously mentioned in the objection cannot be considered by the judge.


Within several months, the court will hear the appeal. The sponsor or their lawyer will have the opportunity to further clarify the appeal at this hearing. After the hearing, the court will, in general give judgment within six weeks. This judgment is definitive.


Return visa rejected

Return visas are generally rejected orally. There is no legal procedure against oral rejection.