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Further information


When someone wishes to visit the Netherlands, invite someone to the Netherlands or move to the Netherlands, a visa is often required. A visa is a document that is required in addition to a passport in order to be allowed into the Netherlands. It is not a residence permit. A visa gives the right to travel into the Netherlands, and a residence permit gives the right to reside in the Netherlands.


Requesting a visa offers the Dutch government the possibility to assess whether you meet the requirements to come to the Netherlands. There are various forms of visas. For a visit to the Netherlands that lasts less than three months, you will need a short-stay visa. For a longer stay in the Netherlands, a long-stay visa (or MVV) is required in principle.


What types of visa are there, how can you obtain a visa or residence permit, and what can be done if an application is rejected? This website will provide general information on these topics.